Saturday, February 19, 2011

T-Shirt Transformation

I have an men's xl t-shirt that I need to tonight and seeing as a men's xl fits me like a bed sheet, I knew I had to make some alterations. As I mentioned in my previous post, I don't own a sewing machine and I did not feel like taking the time to hand stitch this shirt because I will potentially wear it just for the night, so I decided to create a no-sew solution. Something I tend to dislike about cutting apart t-shirts is that the result can sometimes be too revealing, so I made sure mine ended up like a smaller t-shirt without any holes along the sides. Here are the pictures from my process; below will be the tutorial :)

The first thing I did was turning the shirt inside out. That way, any markings I make will not be visible. I decided to lay one of my form fitting tank tops (also inside out) on top of the t-shirt so that I was able to see my body size compared to the shirt. Next, I trimmed off about 5 inches from the bottom. Because I am not sewing a hem, I made sure to pencil out a line and cut very carefully, so it can look as clean as possible. After shortening the shirt, I chopped off the sleeves, right inside their seams. With the bottom 5" of frabric, I cut 2 strips lengthwise, then I cut along the original side seam so that the strips were only 1 layer of fabric thick. For the next step, I made small dashes about an inch or two from my tank top. These dashes will be used for the "sewing" of my shirt. If you are doing this, make sure the dashes start at the armpit of your tank top and end a few inches from the bottom of the xl tee. By doing so, you will end up with a short/cap sleeve. The dashes should also be about 2" away from each other. I cut the dashes to form small slits, making sure I cut through both layers of the shirt. Note: draw and cut slits on both sides before starting this next step (it's easier that way). Then, I rotated the shirt so that the side seam was centered. Then, I took one of my long strips and threaded it through the slits as if I was lacing a shoe. After finishing one side, I just repeated the lacing on the other side. And that's it! I decided to keep the neckline as is because I still wanted to look uniform with everyone, but you can easily cut/tie to change that too! I hope this comes in handy to you soon.

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  1. So Adorable! Watch out Martha, here comes Martha #2!


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