Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nested Eggs Cupcake

 Today I was craving cupcakes and my mind immediately went to these Easter cupcakes from Martha Stewart's website. All you will need is cupcakes, icing, coconut and egg embellishments (I used speckled egg shaped M&Ms).

Because I wanted something fast and easy, I just made my cupcakes from a chocolate cake mix. A great trick for chocolate cake mixes: use coffee instead of water! Not only does this make your cake taste richer, but the consistency is moist and perfect. While your baked cupcakes are cooling, start making your icing. As usual, I made iambaker's butter cream frosting, found here. Finally, toast your shredded coconut. To do this, you simply pour some shredded coconut into a pan over medium heat. Every few minutes, stir the coconut. Make sure you keep your eye on this because you don't want any coconut to burn. Once your coconut has reached its desired color, remove from heat and pour onto a plate. Now that you have all of your components, you just have to assemble the cupcakes! First, ice your cupcake. Next, roll your cupcake on its side onto the toasted coconut plate. Now you have created your nest. Place your embellishments inside of the coconut nest and you're done :)
These cupcakes are wonderful. I think I will try to make variations so that I can eat these all year. The crunchy coconut compared to the moist texture of the cake was perfect. I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed these. Please, please make them for yourself. Not only are they a perfect dessert for Easter, but they are irresistible.
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