Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Teacup Bathroom Organization

Today's post is a simple Spring Cleaning tip to help you organize your bathroom. If your bathroom is anything like mine, than you find that you have a lot of little items running around your drawers. For this quick solution, all you need are some tea cups and/or saucers. I got this idea here at the Decorology blog :)

Just take out all of your things, arrange the tea cups and saucers in whatever order works best for you and use them to organize your items! You will find that this tip is perfect for rubber bands, bobby pins, necklaces, and everything else that is hard to find. I personally was thrilled to finally have a way for my earrings to hang, while still taking up minimal space. I already owned this set of white teacups (sadly saucer-less), but if you don't own any already, you can find cheap ones at thrift stores and garage sales. I may actually venture out and replace this white set with an eclectic mix-and-match set of cups and saucers. Make sure when you are shopping for your teacups that you pay attention to their height. The drawer obviously will need to close, so see how short they need to be. For most bathroom drawers, I think the typical shaped teacups will be fine. If, however, you don't want to organize a whole drawer with this method, you can also do my variation of placing a single tall teacup on your bathroom counter. As I mentioned before, I was in need of an earring holder, so I took the earrings that I wear most commonly and hung them from the rim of the teacup. Inside is my favorite necklace.

That's all for today. I hope that this inspires you to reorganize your drawers! Even if  you do not use this for your bathroom, it can also help with small office supplies or any other drawer full of tiny items. Happy Spring Cleaning :)

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