Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craving Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Today I found myself craving the classic taste of chocolate chip cookies. I turned to my new Martha Stewart Baking book and looked up her recipe. I'm sure everyone reading this has a go-to chocolate chip/chunk cookie recipe, but if you are wanting the one I used, just leave a comment below :)

I must admit, I only recently began to buy quality ingredients. It may seem hard to pay for chocolate chips that cost twice as much as the generic brand, but it truly does make a difference. Especially for something that is such a staple to the cookie. A good rule to bake by: if the ingredient is part of the cookie's name, splurge for the best quality. I actually happened to buy these Ghiradeli chocolate chips on sale, but my favorite brand is Guittard. Just try not to eat all of the chocolate chips plain with a glass of milk before you make the cookies! I have learned to apply a lot of self control to my baking ingredients. Mostly by reminding myself that baked goods are always better than the sum of their ingredients.

Anyway, I feel that a chocolate chip cookie tutorial is unnecessary, but I will share with you some of my learned tips:
- as I mentioned above, splurge on the chocolate chips
- make sure the butter is not warmer than room temperature (this will turn your cookies flat)
- never over-mix the batter
- always use unsalted butter (this helps you control your sodium intake)
- for fluffiest results, chill for up to 36 hours (The NY Times explains this in a 2008 article)
- make sure you have plenty of milk in the fridge :)

All this cookie talk has awakened my taste buds. To the cookie jar I venture. Be sure to check back soon because I am brainstorming some sort of St. Patrick's Day craft for you!

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