Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness: Basketball Streamer Tutorial

With March Madness beginning tomorrow, I chose to make a basketball decoration for those of you who are planning on hosting a March Madness party. With some orange paper, a black marker, string, scissors and tape, you can make this easy and festive garland. Here are the steps:

Using something round, trace circles on an orange piece of paper (you will want multiples of 6). If you want your basketballs to have a black edge (as in the middle circle above), trace the round object with a thick black pen and cut outside of the lines. Otherwise, trace and cut as you normally would. Once all of your circles are cut, draw basketball lines on the circle. You can reference my picture for line placement. After the lines are drawn, take 3 circles and fold them in half, pen side in. Glue this group of 3 together. Repeat this step with the rest of the circles so that you have glued groups of 3. Now, take your string/twine and tape it to one of the groups of threes. Then, glue two groups together, making sure the string is in the very center of all of the folded paper. You now have one basketball on your garland! Simply repeat these last steps until you have all of your basketballs on your garland :)

I apologize that my step-by-step pictures above do not have the basketball lines drawn in right away. I realized after taking these pictures through trial and error that it was easier to draw the lines before assembling. Anyway, I hope you take advantage of this easy craft as it can quickly make your room ready for a basketball party. Make sure you fill out those brackets right away if you are planning on it! I must admit, I still have to make my selections. Well enjoy the games and thanks for stopping by! ♡

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