Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Go-To Cookie Recipe

Tonight is the end of what felt like a very long week. That being said, all I wanted to make tonight is my go-to cookie. These cookies have been called a variety of things such as everything cookies, out-on-the-range cookies or in the case of my recipe, outrageous chocolate chip cookies. Regardless of the name, these cookies all have the same idea, stuffing a lot of yummy ingredients into one cookie! My particular recipe calls for oats, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. You can easily add a bunch of other things to this mix. Some ideas are chopped nuts, coconut, dried berries, or potato chips! (There is a cookie recipe that uses potato chips that I have been dying to try). No need for a tutorial for this one as I included my favorite go-to recipe.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick's Day/March Madness festivities! If you are also wanting a yummy snack while still being able to relax, I strongly recommend these. Thanks for stopping by! 

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